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On-Board Mobile Broadband

High speed cellular networks are available in many countries worldwide and, where coverage is available, offer transport operators the opportunity to deliver high-speed Internet connections to moving vehicles. The technology most commonly used to provide this service is HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) with LTE being rolled out in several markets. Typically download speeds of 10+ Mbps are achievable in metropolitan and suburban areas and along major roads between towns and cities. The availability of high-speed broadband connections on vehicles opens up a host of new possibilities for operators of public and private transportation.


On-Board Mobile Broadband

Proven Technology

Icomera launched the world’s first high-speed Internet technology for trains in September 2002 and has since then hosted more than 30 million on-vehicle internet users. For nearly a decade Icomera’s technology has been in daily commercial use on some of the world’s busiest and most prestigious routes serving millions of passengers every year with onboard broadband services, as well as providing real-time connectivity for mission-critical on-board systems.
Equipping a bus or train with a broadband connection means that passengers can benefit from an on-board Wi-Fi hotspot service, enabling them to check email and surf the web during their journey. The service works like any fixed hotspot in a hotel, coffee shop or airport; research has shown that Wi-Fi Internet access is popular on journeys as short as fifteen minutes making it suitable for urban commuter routes as well as intercity connections.
Every transport operator wants to keep the number of ‘black boxes’ on a vehicle to a minimum. With a broadband connection and a GPS receiver, a vehicle can be tracked in real-time by sending GPS coordinates over the Internet so a vehicle’s current (and historical) position is shown on a moving map via any secure web broswer. When combined with information about cellular network coverage, the same GPS data can help build a map of network availability and quality which assists in planning whether or not a particular route can get a broadband connection throughout a journey.

Innovative Passenger Applications

The availability of Wi-Fi connectivity on public transport has developed at an incredible speed. Internet access on trains is rapidly becoming a core passenger expectation, particularly among business travellers and a key reason for travelling by rail instead of by car or plane.
Research has shown that Wi-Fi Internet access is popular on journeys as short as fifteen minutes making it suitable for urban commuter routes as well as intercity connections.
The passengers of the future will want more than basic connectivity, they want to interact, be entertained and plan their onward journeys. Today Icomera is already working with its train operator and train manufacturer customers to meet these needs through the deployment of complete onboard infotainment solutions.

Business-Critical Applications

Icomera’s mobile application and access routers from ensure that onboard staff can be in constant contact with back office systems and colleagues at the control Centre. Taking on-vehicle business systems online and giving them a continuous connection back to HQ enables onboard staff to work more efficiently. For the transport operator this means reduced cost, increased revenue and enhanced onboard security for customers.

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