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TETRA Communication Solution

DAMM TetraFlex® Communication Solution has been specifically designed to adapt and grow with you, without incurring major additional infrastructure costs. This increases functional efficiency while significantly reducing both operational costs and Total Cost of Ownership.

Future-proofing your System

TetraFlex® Systems are fully scalable, with no limitations – however big your network may become. Our plug-and-play principle is as effective in expanding network capacity to include more users, as it is in extending the reach of the network itself.

Self-configuring Site Expansion

The DAMM TetraFlex® 100% IP-based platform connects all network components – including base stations, dispatchers, network management tools, external gateways and other applications – in one state-of-the-art flat distributed IP architecture. No central switch is needed. Together with our intelligent TetraFlex® software, this enables simple and smooth self-configuring site expansion – even while the TetraFlex® radio communications system is actually in operation.

Maximum System Flexibility

The TetraFlex® System offers both high-capacity rack-based indoor base stations and compact, easily portable outdoor base stations. Depending on your requirements, these can be freely combined to create the ideal system for your needs.

Reliable and Failsafe Communication

To ensure constant availability, even in the event of a power outage or during mobile deployment, the TetraFlex® System features full support for battery back-up, redundant controllers and carriers.

No Single Point of Failure

Thanks to the intelligent distributed network architecture, all system information is constantly replicated to all sites in the network, eliminating any single point of failure. In this way, local call and data traffic will always continue uninterrupted, with all features intact, even if one or more local sites loses connection with the rest of the network.

Unlimited Application Integration

TetraFlex® is supplied with application gateways for easy access to the Application Programming Interface (API), packet data gateways, voice gateways and logging API. This allows you to easily connect to third-party or customized applications.

Effortless Interoperability

As an independent TETRA infrastructure provider, DAMM has developed TetraFlex® for full interoperability (IOP) with all TETRA terminals, allowing you to freely choose and combine any of your favorite terminal brands.

Thanks to the system’s Group Bridge Solution, TetraFlex® can also provide group calls and SDS messages between different radio systems, including independent TETRA networks, or from TETRA to analogue networks.

Ready for Tomorrow’s Challenges

With data playing a more and more important role in daily operations, DAMM TetraFlex® Systems have been designed to support tomorrow’s advanced LTE data solutions.

Off-the-shelf mobile broadband data devices can be fully integrated into your TetraFlex® System, with the same high level of authentication and encryption security. This allows you to send large data files – such as pictures or video – between data devices and TetraFlex® Dispatchers as quickly and securely as a voice transmission.

TetraFlex® Embedded Software

TetraFlex® is the most user friendly TETRA infrastructure in the market, and comes with a long range of embedded software products with unique intuitive graphical interfaces.


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