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TETRA is an open standard developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).  The main purpose of the TETRA standard was to define a series of open interfaces, as well as services and facilities, in sufficient detail to enable independent manufacturers to develop infrastructure and terminal products that would fully interoperate with each other as well as meet the needs of traditional PMR user organisations.

The initial responsibility of ETSI Project TETRA (now known as ETSI Technical Committee (TC) TETRA) was to deliver as set of standards, under a mandate from the European Commission, for a Digital Trunked PMR communications system that could be deployed in Western Europe.  As well as producing these mandatory ETSI deliverables (now completed), TC TETRA's responsibility was, and still is, to make sure that the portfolio of standards continue to be developed in accordance with user needs and priorities.

The technology solutions chosen to meet user requirements contained in the TETRA standards have been, and continue to be, developed primarily by well known and respected manufacturers who have been serving the PMR market with products and services for several decades.  This combined "Know How" ensures that optimum technology solutions are chosen to meet user requirements.  Details of manufacturers can be viewed on the member's page of the TETRA Association by clicking on the left hand menu under core products.

Although the prime responsibility of ETSI is to develop standards for Europe, many of its standards are also adopted world-wide, as evidenced by the uptake of GSM, the first wireless technology standard to be developed by ETSI.  Similarly, TETRA has already been deployed in many regions and nations outside Europe, resulting in TETRA becoming a truly global standard.

For more information please access the TETRA Pocket Guide here

Source : TCCA

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